My note (A diary)–unit 3

Patient 1:
Patient and surgeon:
Surgeon: you have asymmetrical faces due to asymmetry in your face, joints, and curvature of the spine. Teeth occlusion asymmetry. And you can see by CT pictures that you have a tertiary level of teeth protrusion and asymmetry.
Patient: I have very little confidence in my teeth and want to have a normal face.
Surgeon: the chin is too prominent and needs improvement. We need to do an X-ray to avoid injury to the nerves. First, you need to correct your teeth and get plastic surgery. Your surgery requires general anesthesia, which lasts about five hours. During the recovery period, you will have a swollen face.
Patient: I’d like to have double eyelids because my eyes are too small.
Surgeon: that will take a long time. You can’t brush your teeth in the recovery period, you can only rinse your mouth, and you can only eat liquid food and nutrients.


I and the patient:
1:What part of their appearance they want to be perfect?

Patient: my jaw and teeth need to be corrected, but I also want to have double eyelids to make my eyes bigger and more powerful.

2.Which stars you might want to look like ?

Patient: I like liu shishi and liu yifei, very pure and lovely.

3.Are you happy for these images to be used in my art or documentation of my research? Are you happy for me to record u speaking?

Patient: I don’t mind recording.

4.Will you choose plastic surgery or microsurgery again to change your beauty?


Patient: I should get plastic surgery later, work hard to make money, make myself more beautiful, and make myself confident.

5。Do you think you’ll rely on plastic surgery in the future? Do you think it will have side effects?

Patient: there should be side effects, but I don’t know exactly what it is.


6.Why do you want to change your appearance?

Patient: because of myself, I am very ugly, in fact, there will be discrimination at work, so I am not confident. I choose plastic surgery so that I can have a better future.


Patient 2:
Patient and surgeon:

Surgeon: your face shape can only be done with a large operation to correct your face shape. We need to remove your mandible and do a stereo operation. We need to give you general anesthesia. You also need to do double eyelids and redo your nose.
Patient: it will take a long time to recover.
Surgeon: yes, you need a lot to accept your new look, and you need three months to recover.

I and the patient:

Q1.I want to have a feminine look and feel too masculine. Mainly want to make face shape.
I don’t know much about it, but I really want to be a feminine woman. I feel like a beautiful girl.
I wouldn’t mind.
This is my first plastic surgery. If it works well, I will definitely return.
I don’t know, I guess there will be.
Because some people say I look like a man, and there will be people.








short conversation with the patient(Questions)

I’m going to have a short conversation with the patient.
I want to ask and interview patients:
1.What part of their appearance they want to be perfect?

2.Which stars you might want to look like ?

3.Are you happy for these images to be used in my art or documentation of my research? Are you happy for me to record u speaking?

4.Will you choose plastic surgery or microsurgery again to change your beauty?

5。Do you think you’ll rely on plastic surgery in the future? Do you think it will have side effects?

6.Why do you want to change your appearance?

Interview with Plastic surgeon (record)unit 3

Me: how’s business in London? Do you have more local customers or Asian customers?

Surgeon: not bad. You know I have a clinic in Manchester. London is a newly created shop. There are many asians in London, especially the Chinese. And now it’s getting more and more popular, and there are a lot of students, basically students coming to me for plastic surgery. Our price is the same as ours. You have also been to my shop in Shanghai, which is the same price as Shanghai.


Me: now the customer has the trend of younger age, you think British girl and Chinese schoolgirl have what distinction?

Surgeon: it’s true that cosmetic surgery is at a younger age. Many girls between the ages of 16 and 20 are doing plastic surgery during the holiday to make themselves more beautiful. British women generally do more anti-aging and wrinkle-free programs. Because of their prolonged exposure to the sun, their skin is ageing, and women in Asia generally don’t look older because they don’t like the sun. Local women in the UK prefer a more sexy style, with fuller lips, breasts and hips. Chinese girls prefer a less elegant style.


Me: what do you think is the objective of the plastic surgery customers now? Why plastic surgery?

Surgeon: I think there are fewer and fewer people who used to have plastic surgery for accidental injuries or deformities, because social life is good now, and there is a reduced demand for this kind of demand. At best, it is beautiful. Some girls, especially Asian girls, are keen on plastic surgery, mainly because they can bring confidence to themselves, and they can find a better boyfriend and even have a good career in the future. After all, the world is looking at the outside world, you have a good appearance to attract others to see your heart.



Me: now male customer ratio?

Surgeon: now there are more and more men. You know that many Asian boys are gay now, and want to have a feminine look like a girl. And men are more and more concerned about their appearance.



Me: do you think the trend of cosmetic surgery has been changing? How should we keep up with The Times?

Surgeon: I think it’s changing all the time. For example, eyebrows, our tattoo eyebrows are very popular, but the shape and color of the eyebrows have been changing, causing many customers to change the shape of their eyebrows. And with the development of science and technology, we constantly upgrade our plastic surgery equipment and technology. We should always learn new techniques to meet the needs of our customers. I think fashion is hard to follow. But I feel I have to choose the right one. If you choose the right look for yourself you can have your features and don’t need to be trendy.



Me: is there a difference between Asia and Europe? What’s the difference?

Surgeon:Asia’s plastic surgery industry is dominated by South Korea, where the appearance of koreans is not good across Asia. And their entertainment industry is very developed, which leads to the development of this industry. Half of Asia’s favorite features. Likes to play the whitening needle, and likes lovely type and now popular charm type. European cosmetic surgery is good for wrinkles, probably because europeans and asians have different bodies, and europeans are more prone to aging. They don’t like white skin and feel unhealthy. They also like sexy features. But because of the popularity of Korean love dramas in Europe, many people are beginning to like the exquisite shape of Asia.



Me: do you think plastic surgery is addictive? Do you think it hurts? Psychologically or physically?
Surgeon: yes, but it requires everyone to control their own desires. The harm I think is less and less, because the technology is developed, I think in the future our industry is like a facial mask to buy cosmetics the same simple. So do you think cosmetics are bad for you? Expensive cosmetics may protect your skin, but cheap cosmetics can ruin your skin. So in the same way, don’t opt for cheaper products.

data collection about plastic surgery.-Unit 3

1.  Changes in the number of people undergoing plastic surgery.

The number is growing by 20%.

Changes in the number of people undergoing plastic surgery.

2. The contrast between Asian markets and global markets.

Asia’s plastic surgery market is growing six times faster than the global market.

More than 34 million people are expected to undergo plastic surgery in 2017, up 7 percent from 2016.

China has 14 million people who have undergone cosmetic surgery to become beautiful, up 42 percent from 2016.


3.The younger age trend of the plastic surgery group.


European  America

In 2017, 60 percent of every 100 cosmetic users will be under 28 years old. Asia begins to have plastic surgery at age 20, and European America begins to do plastic surgery at the age of 30.


Male and female proportions.

Women are the main consumer group, and men are growing.


4.The change in consumer spending is in the cosmetic surgery market.

Market size: RMB 100 million.

More and more people are choosing to spend money on cosmetic surgery, which is becoming more and more prosperous.

Selfie breaks the “male gaze”

Forty years back, the selfie world is far from it. Women have used their bodies as a medium to release the power of expression and resistance in images. You must know Cindy Sherman (Cindy Sherman), and Cindy and stand together, there was a group of “love autodyne” women artists, such as reina hart, eisen (Renate Eisenegger), Lynn otto herschmann – PLC (Lynn Hershman interest) and Eva, pat (Ewa Partum), etc. Recently, the exhibition “Feminist Avant Garde art of the 1970s” is on display at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. The exhibition concentration presents a feminist artists in the 1970 s, with photography, collage, performance art, film and video, etc., trying to explore female artists in the pursuit of freedom and liberation, realize the equality of women status and the function of the civil rights movement.

In the 1970s, most women were seen as “passive MUSES”. They are subordinate to authority, and are not free to take control of their bodies and identities, or a desirable job. The exhibition “the feminist avant-garde art of the 1970s” was a stunning gathering of 48 female artists from the 1970s. They break the status quo and the male gaze, with art to the public for traditional definition about female identity, bold “art is the men’s game” the myth of the everlasting, thoroughly changed the role of women in the art world. The exhibition is divided into four sections with over 200 works in total. Below, we’ll delve into eight of the most brilliant and daring “troublemaker” artists.

1.Hannah Wilke

Wilke’s most famous work is the S.O.S. -starification Object Series (1974-1982). She made the audience chewing gum abstract, easily reminiscent of female genitalia sculpture, stick on your face and body, and let the photographer take a picture of the pink small group quickly. The work implies a man’s desire to gaze, and wilke wants to break that gaze.

2.Cindy Sherman

She made of cosmetics, artificial limbs, wig, elaborate design suit, in front of the cameras constantly changing shape and image, dressed up as art, advertising, all kinds of female images in movies and television. In one photo, she appears in the Hitchcock film, while in another she may be a happy suburban housewife. Cindy’s character is constantly switching back and forth, and she’s always immersed in the roles she plays. Although her work is somewhat self-portraits, “I’m not showing myself,” she repeated. Instead, she USES photographs to switch between reality and fiction, often more like the actress in her own life.


3.Renate Eisenegger

Artist lenart eisenhart’s signature creation is to paint his face with paint. First, cover with pure white, then add black geometric mesh. When she created it, she freed herself from her own identity and released herself in a radical new way.Appeared with its iconic white face and squatted on the ground to iron a fairly smooth building corridor floor. This image expresses the artist’s understanding of the universal consistency and monotony. In addition, the process of ironing is a business that many women are good at, so the behavior of leno is the dissent and the destroyed personality of women in the patriarchal society.


4.Lynn Hershman LeesonHe gave up his original identity and took a new name, Roberta Breitmore. Lynn in order to complete the identity transformation, especially wear blonde Marilyn Monroe style wigs, the whole face was painted with makeup look, also started a new treatment method of the world. She re-examined her driver’s license with a new identity, opened a bank account and applied for a credit card. Over the course of two years, Lynn used her new identity for art openings, dating men and going to the psychiatrist. “If you go back to the 1970s, the new identity should be more real than I was then.””You can sometimes get deeper truths through fiction,” says Lynn. Through her creation, Lynn explores the nature of women’s identity, and speaks for women through clothing and all the ACTS that she can misappropriate. In “Roberta Construction Chart#1” above, the artist shows the audience how she transformed her new role. This picture is between a scientific chart and a plastic surgery sketch, reflecting the artist’s effort to “be himself”.

Ewa Partum

The artist Eva patum was tired of the society’s discrimination against female artists and began to incorporate her nudity into her creations. Many commentators quickly labeled the practice egoistic, and said it was not a deliberate result. Eva strongly expressed her desire to turn herself and her body into art works, and to eliminate the oppression of the patriarchal society for the female body as a sexual object. She recognizes that women can work and live as a body that controls their bodies. Eva’s works often revolve around language, poetry and women’s bodies. Her first feminist work was Lipstick Pictures, which was created in 1971. Eva spelled out words like “art” and “love” and printed them on paper. The work above is called Change. Patm recruited a make-up artist, facing the audience and camera, and used makeup to make her half of her face look old. Through an artificial aging face, Eva emphasizes the so-called “beauty” standards established by male society and long-held beliefs that women will no longer be welcomed as they grow older. She created the image as a poster in Poland, with the words “my problem is a woman’s problem”.