Our workshop peer Unit2

My work shop peer

Material: pencil/ charcoal/ black pen

Purpose: Look for the perfect face. With the development of science and technology, more and more people (especially women) want to have plastic surgery. With the rapid development of social media, more and more people want to improve their appearance. Some even want to have celebrity appearance.

  1. Drawing your own self-portrait, need to be realistic (A4 paper)–30min
  2. When you drawing , think about 2 questions: what part of your face do you want to change?(nose, eyes,skin,mouth,ect.) Which famous person do you think is beautiful and handsome?
  3. Find out what you want to change in your self-portrait–10mins
  4. Look for picture you think the beauty one and compare you self-portrait to the face of a celebrity. Then choose your eyes, nose, mouth,etc. copy the star’s face use the copy paper.
  5. Overlap 2 images and get a new self-portrait.
  6. Summarize your views on plastic surgery in one sentence.

Emma said ” I think changing things about yourself for superficial reasons will only lead to finding new parts about yourself that you don’t like.” ” I think if a person who has chose to do the plastic surgery to change an appearance in order to feel better about her/his self then he or she has a deeper issue about his/herself.

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