My note (A diary)–unit 3

Patient 1:
Patient and surgeon:
Surgeon: you have asymmetrical faces due to asymmetry in your face, joints, and curvature of the spine. Teeth occlusion asymmetry. And you can see by CT pictures that you have a tertiary level of teeth protrusion and asymmetry.
Patient: I have very little confidence in my teeth and want to have a normal face.
Surgeon: the chin is too prominent and needs improvement. We need to do an X-ray to avoid injury to the nerves. First, you need to correct your teeth and get plastic surgery. Your surgery requires general anesthesia, which lasts about five hours. During the recovery period, you will have a swollen face.
Patient: I’d like to have double eyelids because my eyes are too small.
Surgeon: that will take a long time. You can’t brush your teeth in the recovery period, you can only rinse your mouth, and you can only eat liquid food and nutrients.


I and the patient:
1:What part of their appearance they want to be perfect?

Patient: my jaw and teeth need to be corrected, but I also want to have double eyelids to make my eyes bigger and more powerful.

2.Which stars you might want to look like ?

Patient: I like liu shishi and liu yifei, very pure and lovely.

3.Are you happy for these images to be used in my art or documentation of my research? Are you happy for me to record u speaking?

Patient: I don’t mind recording.

4.Will you choose plastic surgery or microsurgery again to change your beauty?


Patient: I should get plastic surgery later, work hard to make money, make myself more beautiful, and make myself confident.

5。Do you think you’ll rely on plastic surgery in the future? Do you think it will have side effects?

Patient: there should be side effects, but I don’t know exactly what it is.


6.Why do you want to change your appearance?

Patient: because of myself, I am very ugly, in fact, there will be discrimination at work, so I am not confident. I choose plastic surgery so that I can have a better future.


Patient 2:
Patient and surgeon:

Surgeon: your face shape can only be done with a large operation to correct your face shape. We need to remove your mandible and do a stereo operation. We need to give you general anesthesia. You also need to do double eyelids and redo your nose.
Patient: it will take a long time to recover.
Surgeon: yes, you need a lot to accept your new look, and you need three months to recover.

I and the patient:

Q1.I want to have a feminine look and feel too masculine. Mainly want to make face shape.
I don’t know much about it, but I really want to be a feminine woman. I feel like a beautiful girl.
I wouldn’t mind.
This is my first plastic surgery. If it works well, I will definitely return.
I don’t know, I guess there will be.
Because some people say I look like a man, and there will be people.








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