Interview with Plastic surgeon (record)unit 3

Me: how’s business in London? Do you have more local customers or Asian customers?

Surgeon: not bad. You know I have a clinic in Manchester. London is a newly created shop. There are many asians in London, especially the Chinese. And now it’s getting more and more popular, and there are a lot of students, basically students coming to me for plastic surgery. Our price is the same as ours. You have also been to my shop in Shanghai, which is the same price as Shanghai.


Me: now the customer has the trend of younger age, you think British girl and Chinese schoolgirl have what distinction?

Surgeon: it’s true that cosmetic surgery is at a younger age. Many girls between the ages of 16 and 20 are doing plastic surgery during the holiday to make themselves more beautiful. British women generally do more anti-aging and wrinkle-free programs. Because of their prolonged exposure to the sun, their skin is ageing, and women in Asia generally don’t look older because they don’t like the sun. Local women in the UK prefer a more sexy style, with fuller lips, breasts and hips. Chinese girls prefer a less elegant style.


Me: what do you think is the objective of the plastic surgery customers now? Why plastic surgery?

Surgeon: I think there are fewer and fewer people who used to have plastic surgery for accidental injuries or deformities, because social life is good now, and there is a reduced demand for this kind of demand. At best, it is beautiful. Some girls, especially Asian girls, are keen on plastic surgery, mainly because they can bring confidence to themselves, and they can find a better boyfriend and even have a good career in the future. After all, the world is looking at the outside world, you have a good appearance to attract others to see your heart.



Me: now male customer ratio?

Surgeon: now there are more and more men. You know that many Asian boys are gay now, and want to have a feminine look like a girl. And men are more and more concerned about their appearance.



Me: do you think the trend of cosmetic surgery has been changing? How should we keep up with The Times?

Surgeon: I think it’s changing all the time. For example, eyebrows, our tattoo eyebrows are very popular, but the shape and color of the eyebrows have been changing, causing many customers to change the shape of their eyebrows. And with the development of science and technology, we constantly upgrade our plastic surgery equipment and technology. We should always learn new techniques to meet the needs of our customers. I think fashion is hard to follow. But I feel I have to choose the right one. If you choose the right look for yourself you can have your features and don’t need to be trendy.



Me: is there a difference between Asia and Europe? What’s the difference?

Surgeon:Asia’s plastic surgery industry is dominated by South Korea, where the appearance of koreans is not good across Asia. And their entertainment industry is very developed, which leads to the development of this industry. Half of Asia’s favorite features. Likes to play the whitening needle, and likes lovely type and now popular charm type. European cosmetic surgery is good for wrinkles, probably because europeans and asians have different bodies, and europeans are more prone to aging. They don’t like white skin and feel unhealthy. They also like sexy features. But because of the popularity of Korean love dramas in Europe, many people are beginning to like the exquisite shape of Asia.



Me: do you think plastic surgery is addictive? Do you think it hurts? Psychologically or physically?
Surgeon: yes, but it requires everyone to control their own desires. The harm I think is less and less, because the technology is developed, I think in the future our industry is like a facial mask to buy cosmetics the same simple. So do you think cosmetics are bad for you? Expensive cosmetics may protect your skin, but cheap cosmetics can ruin your skin. So in the same way, don’t opt for cheaper products.

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