Orlan 2

She work is sensual and worldly, and she sees the body as a privileged material. Behavior around their transformation and regeneration on the surface of the body to do, in many cases try to challenge for clues, starting from the emotion of artists were enslaved, the inner exposed to public space with close illicit, also make the audience experience pleasure from peeping until it is presence. Her works are constantly making vigorous questions about the power of destruction and subversion, of traditional ideas, religion, social culture, the exploitation of male power, political games, and the ugliness of identity. The artist has become a champion of women’s human rights and social tolerance by changing her identity and sacrificing herself.
In 1970, the radical Orlan works is called the literature research, the head of medusa, will she bleeds vulva through a magnifying glass to present to the audience, half of the pubic hair was painted blue, with next to Freud’s words, the women’s pubic hair evil thoughts can be modified in a short time. Exposure, secular feedback, offerings, blow mood or sex toy these words mean filthy comments challenges the old adage, challenging the norms of the public, through the monitor, see work confronted with two kinds of a live audience, peep and watching.

“Come on, come closer, to my base: mother, bitch, and artist.” — Orlan in October 30, 1977, the grand palace FIAC contemporary art fair in Paris, Orlan in the form of the virgin like sculpture, will be topless device image converted into ATM coin-operated machines, wrote to kiss automatic vending machines, with five francs to sell her kiss to the audience. The five franc COINS from the audience fall from the breast, and the artist jumps and kisses the customer. Works cause strong public opinion at that time, men under the social status of women, in the business of the employer’s relationship with the provider, by rights, desire, and obscene services and selling this provocation of dirty words, artist indicating the audience to participate in her works in the form of touch. For the fair’s interior, Orlan defrauded and evaded world art institutions and galleries to sell herself, and her works brought together the extremes of two western women — the Madonna and the bitch.

Le baiser de l’artist




“I don’t want to look like… . It is not easy to be a narcissist. The problem is not to take care of your image, but to reestablish yourself through intentional ACTS of alienation. – Orlan since 1987, Orlan behavior art is completed her nine times between surgery plastic surgery, in the form of a series of video and broadcast through the media to broadcast in many countries in the world. Each time she was presented with a different face, dressed in gorgeous clothes, joking prologue, directing the staff, and the doctor cooperating with her performance. She plays music on the spot, reads poetry aloud, and moves into elaborate dance routines that allow viewers to see photos of her early performance art filled with exhibits. Stay awake during surgery Orlan for only a local anesthesia, people can see the surgeon remove grease from her thighs, then injected into her facial location specified, cut the knee, ankle, hip, waist and neck. She was there to control the atmosphere, explain the operation and answer the public question. After the bloody performance, the blood, body fluids and meat were displayed on the scene, while Orlan continued to perform with a trident, skull, and her manservant. In 1990, after her third operation, she was shown with a portrait of the eccentric bride with a wig to show the fact that women who love beauty receive attention for the pleasure that men define. On November 21, 1993, she cut open her face, uncovered the flesh, inserted the stuffing into the muscle tissue and stitched it up, and the forehead looked like a horn. Orlan after surgery with the remains of the work life, Christian think her works blasphemous, but she thinks that art must be causing interference between artist and audience, therefore her legacy will endure for a long period of time. In these plastic plans, she is not in order to achieve beautiful young or secular go plastic under the pain, but as a typical female to classical mythology in the men’s cognitive, will change features one by one, in the form of patchwork reproduce the facial features of the patriarchal world desire (typical women in the mythical symbols: Diana’s nose represents fertility, positive enterprising spirit of adventure; Europa’s mouth, foresight; The Mona Lisa’s forehead, hermaphrodite; Venus’ chin, rich and elegant; Psyche’s glasses, the need for love and the beauty of the spirit… ). Later, her body was not only the material of the work, but also the public opinion of the public. Orlan using plastic surgery as a medium to express her ideas and standards of beauty, emphasis on symbolic meaning of female beauty, aesthetic standards, trying to mix different class eager to achieve perfect external after the limit of beyond the senses, cause to the patriarchal world conquest, to discuss the feminism, they constantly changing new identity to please place in male social norms. The impact of the work is terrible surgery this process by acting exposed to the public space, but a woman after a painful transformation process, completely abandoned the outer ego, but whether can achieve personal ideal?

 La Re-incarnation de Sainte Orlan











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