Post Human

Jeffrey deitch, an American contemporary art theorist, claims that our time is the beginning of the end of the old man and the beginning of the human race. He believed that “the existing concept of” human “, that is, the “nature” of human appearance and human nature, is being replaced by a growing concept. The new idea is that people can reinvent themselves. The reason for this trend is the rapid development of human biotechnology and computer science, and new technology has caused a series of possibilities. It is possible for man to enter the era of artificial evolution beyond the traditional natural evolution. First, the exploration of mechanical and digital alternatives makes human beings no longer completely organic. Second, the future of artificial evolution is not only physical evolution, but also a concept of evolution, which makes the mixture of human and non-human being the norm. In addition, when humans began to have the ability to transcend the genetic code and to reconstruct their own flesh, reorganization and internal spirit remodeling will make the body appearance, which affect the behavior, life style, identity cognition, the heart of belonging, and so on, which changed the social structure and consensus.

Early humans based on the tremendous power of the nature, including their own do not understand and fear, for their strong like some animals, such as a large number of people in the ancient Chinese shanhaijing animal parts. In ancient Greek mythology, there were also large Numbers of people and animals, the “god” who could call for rain. It is as if children are often unable to perceive the integrity of their bodies through self-perception, according to jac-marie-emle-lacan. Lacking the relevant sense of time, space, and movement, he even sees his body as a bunch of broken objects and fears. Children who grow up to six to eighteen months are able to take advantage of the image reflected in the mirror and gradually acquire the overall image of their body’s basic structure. The “mirroring phase”, as lacan calls it, refers to a more profound way of providing a whole to the body through its mirror image, thus clearly defining the cognitive style of the self. At that time, human cognition belongs to the primary “mirror stage”.

However, today’s human and non-human efforts are not based on the inferiority and weakness of early human beings, not understanding and fear. It is the increasingly abundant means of human control and transformation of nature, and the new technology enables the human body to extend and strengthen its functions, thus resulting in a new self-concept, which becomes a kind of eugenics of the spiritual form.


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